We're on it we're on it!!. These things don't create themselves you know!

We're planning to bet these babies for sale in-store by Spring 2011.

Please drop into the shop in the mean-time for our existing trail maps and expert local advice in where to lay you tyre-prints down.


The truth is the Jindabyne Damn–Tyrolean bike tracks are so well developed and designed that you can pretty-much find your own way from the North/East-side of the Damn all the way to Tyrolean Village (on the east-shore of Lake Jindabyne) - without a map.

Suitable for young riders, the tracks have been beautifully built by the trail-crews, and continue to be maintained on an ongoing basis. Undulating for about 10km, the trail is easy-accesssed by bike from Jindabyne township (via the damn), or by parking along Kosciuszko Road - or Rainbow Drive at Tyrolean.

The views are spectacular, especially looking west over Jindabyne and the snowy mountains.

Whilst the trail is well patronised by local riders, but it is never crowded, therefore well-worth including in a weekend's schedule for those escaping Canberra or Sydney.

This is the first part of the Jindabyne Community Trail, which is planning to eventually span 70km right around Lake Jindabyne.